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Unbelief and rejection breaks God's heart, because He knows the consequences. But when the door of the human heart is shut, He refuses to enter forcibly. He will only knock, wanting to gain admittance. He has given us the ability to choose. But when we choose the wrong thing, He knows the repercussions that will follow—in this life and the one to come.

I can sit in a wheelchair with hope and joy...ask me why! ........

Thursday, November 11, 2004

OOOOwwhhhiie my back

Today I`m moving slow and bent-over, but I`m still moving! Veterans Day and am very thankful for many who have fought and died so I can vote and live a life with some comforts. Giving my children a life that they can be anything!! No flashlight needed today but an extra cane would surely help.

Monday, November 08, 2004

All grown up How`d that happen.....

Go for a ride!
Go for a ride!

Flashlight is on

I`m walking slow tippy toe walks, but at least I`m moving. C needed 400.00 our half of contributions to T's funeral in November 14 2001. Need to save for Christmas so we don`t have to credit card it. Bills need to be paid off and home needs to be wheelchair accessible. Kids need there things first...... I give it to God because it is too overwhelming, God can work miracles and I will see one come to pass with us.