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Unbelief and rejection breaks God's heart, because He knows the consequences. But when the door of the human heart is shut, He refuses to enter forcibly. He will only knock, wanting to gain admittance. He has given us the ability to choose. But when we choose the wrong thing, He knows the repercussions that will follow—in this life and the one to come.

I can sit in a wheelchair with hope and joy...ask me why! ........

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mothers Day appreciation

This is a letter about my Mom and my sisters…..Let me start out with my Mom first, her name is Mary Potts! A very strong and compassionate Mom. She pretty much raised 6 kids by herself. My Dad was in the Army and took two tours of duty in Vietnam. He was pretty much absent until I was 12. We moved to Sierra Vista at that time. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was 13 and my Mom was left to raise 6 kids on 300.00 a month. She met my step-father and 7 years followed with physical abuse and alcoholism with my step-father. During that time my Mom endured including a diagnosis for a disease called Freidreich`s Ataxia, that lists under Muscular dystrophy. It is progressive with balance, speech and coordination diminishing in a10-15 year progress. Heart disease, diabetes, scoliosis are part of the prognosis. Wheelchairs are needed . Each progression is different so it’s a surprise what gets taking away. My Mom at the time is marriage to my step-father and ran the only Bus depot in town from 1973-2003 she worked 6 days a week 8-5 Never called in sick and only took one vacation to get her diagnosis of Ataxia. Mom made minimum wage and when they closed the Bus Depot she was told on a Tuesday and closed that Friday . She survived on unemployment and SSI 750.00a month for 15 months and finally retired living on 650.00 a month! Thru all this My stepfather left after 7 years and my Mom paid off her house and survived!!! I remember her patiently waiting a year for a new wheelchair because the one she had broke , and would keep falling out of it. What a monumental struggle she had with the different facets of her life but she endured. My younger sister Lisa was diagnosed with FA at 28 and she has endured…3 girls a husband Bill who has stayed for the ride! Now they are Grandparents and my sister gets her encouragement from Mom when frustrations mount in her life. I was diagnosed 16 years ago and I thought I was strong enough to overcome or at least fight it…but I have found it very hard to keep up with my Mom. Mom continues to struggle and push her way thru as do my sister, I on the other hand cry and wish , then I talk to my Mom and get back up and push and struggle thru my 3 year olds temper tantrums and smiles and every day life’s problems. I have a brother who was diagnosed, his wife Karen has dealt with many problems including having 4 boys . She has given Johnny such wonderful care these 20+ years. She works full-time, I have a lot of respect and love for her with all she has accomplished, such a strong women like my mother. My sister’s 25 year marriage ended and she moved in with my Mom for financial reasons for a year and Mom stepped up. My Mom recently sold her house and moved in with my youngest brother Larry in WASH. He has a mobile home and not wheelchair accessible and my Mom makes do! Mom is 67 now and still struggling, still pushing and most importantly laughing! I am in awe of my family’s resilience and strength being able to overcome these huge challenges, but the badge goes to MOM, what an awesome challenge she met THANKS MOM!