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Unbelief and rejection breaks God's heart, because He knows the consequences. But when the door of the human heart is shut, He refuses to enter forcibly. He will only knock, wanting to gain admittance. He has given us the ability to choose. But when we choose the wrong thing, He knows the repercussions that will follow—in this life and the one to come.

I can sit in a wheelchair with hope and joy...ask me why! ........

Saturday, March 31, 2012

more thoughts

I really don’t know how to start this blog so I will jump in with my thoughts! This whole world was giving by God for people to live in, even our bodies created by God is the “tent” that houses the soul…..and like a rebellious child I say I will do this “life” by myself. Many people of God try to explain why we need God…God is our Father our families mirror that relationship…if our kids at 13 say “It is my life and I will live the way I am happiest” but still live with me and expect me to provide and feed them all of sudden “tough love” is enacted! If my kids come to me and tell me their rules and how they want things, again it’s a no go! I have to make them see my way is best or they can live the way they want outside my care. I have been in the wheelchair now 3 years and I understand that life is tough, unfair, and sometimes impossible. On the flipside there are many moments to cherish, remembered and lovingly enjoyed. How close every single living human being is to being in a wheelchair by one cell or catastrophe death or accident of a loved one…so many scenarios that play out on the news everyday. As I get older it is not IF it is WHEN, life is unfair and that should point us to God. We can’t expect God to go by our rules and that’s why I read the Bible, God has his rules and ways, everything God needs US to know is in the Bible….there are so many who died to bring us this knowledge from 3000 + years ago. How funny we hold people in such high esteem. I frequently like to listen [discern] how different people tell me about God. When they speak God’s words {Bible} They have my attention, but when they speak of God from “their” words it gives me a picture of their walk…. Christian songs tell me a lot of the writer and their walk with Jesus too that’s why I identify with so many songs and feel “simpatico“ with so many because we journey together. With my Jaylee I know her favorite colors ,songs ,picts moods…I spend hours every day …feeding, bathing [serving], talking…..and if I don’t know I ask her…that is a “relationship” an “intimate” relationship a “committed“ relationship. Wow the God of the universe wants a relationship with each and every soul he has created so now I am ,God’s child given a new name and purpose! The God who is Jesus created every little piece of sand in this whole world! Who numbers the hair of every individual living wow wowee there is no mysticism… no to do list ….just welcome ,come as you are and follow me, live as I want you to live and WE will journey this life TOGETHER. Bread and Water to live by….I never imagined I would love God’s way…..I lived in rebellion for 45 years all alone and this way even in a wheelchair is difficult but I see my forever clearly defined by God. The joy of knowing God makes sitting in the wheelchair a blessing….I will be with Jesus in Heaven doing cartwheels and running with my Jaylee, join us =].

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Joe said...

I have really been thinking along a similar vein lately my friend. There are times when I think we really have missed the point as Christians when it comes to the whole concept of being kings and priests. Somehow we get the idea that means we are empowered to do what we want when the reality is the power of these positions comes from doing what God wills not being a despot that gets their own way at everyone else's cost. Bless you my friend.